My upper body strength is pathetic. And I’ve eaten enough spinach in my life to know that Popeye had something else in that can.

Though working in the service industry isn’t anything close to the manual labor of a construction or warehouse job, it still does require a decent amount of carrying heavy things, like:

  • Large trays with heavy plates loaded with over-sized portions of pasta (which I can’t carry, due to both lack of strength and fear of embarrassment.)
  • Tables (and I need another person to help me lift them)
  • Chairs
  • Buckets of ice
  • And the outdoor heaters

Every time we close, we have to bring in the heat.

The topic of the heaters has been a heated one for a good while now. The large contraptions are falling apart (what else do you expect when you get three of them for $400?), and us servers have the privilege of lugging them in and out of the restaurant every day. (Why?) So they won’t get stolen. (By whom?) By pesky outdoor heater thieves. (Can’t you just chain them to the ground?) Stop asking logical questions.

I have yet to warm up to the heaters. Honestly, I’d fantasize about setting them on fire if that wasn’t the point. But, for now, the heavy lifting will serve as part of my server’s workout regime.


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